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“We don't make movies to make more money. We make money to make more movies.” Walt Disney


Hyperplane Media is a media production service specialized in in the creation of documentaries & factuals, feature films and corporate/social media/branded visual content and stills.

We are a full service video production company based in Miami, Florida, providing support in all areas of production including: concept, development, equipment, crewing and production support. Let us take care of all your project needs, including pre-production.


“I would travel down to hell and wrestle a film away from the devil if it was necessary.”  Werner Herzog

We feel in tune with the world when we create content. Any content: a feature film, a series, a corporate video, a social media clip, an interview. Crafting a story to us is like generating life. When we do it well, we feel invincible. 

We believe that delivering a new shape of content smells of eternity.


Passion. Commitment. Vision. These are the keys to what we do. We'll never stop searching for stories that can engage, give people reasons to believe; those stories that can touch people's heart, or break it. 

Let us help you to grow the seeds of your ideas and transform them in trees of life.


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