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Jacopo Fantastichini

Founder/Creative-Executive Producer/Filmmaker

A seasoned Italian Film/TV producer and Filmmaker based in Miami, Florida. From 2005 to 2013 he worked as head of the creative department at Albatross Entertainment, a major Italian television production company, where he oversaw the process of writing, production, post-production and promotion of various prime time television series, movies and mini-series aired on RAI and RTI. As a screenwriter he wrote scripts for various prime time series including Commissioner Rex and The Restorer.  In 2013, he co-founded and was executive producer at Samarcanda Film, an Italy-based Film/TV production/distribution company, where he managed all aspects of the production as well as distribution. For seven years, Jacopo produced a number of travel/current affair documentary series and documentary features aired worldwide which include Big North, The World’s Most Dangerous Borders, Kapp to Cape, Transamazonica – The Frail Frontier, Sea Angels, Ibla – The magic play and The grizzly tour to name a few. He also worked as creative producer/post-production manager and local filmmaker on several documentary series and features produced in the US - most recently Addiction Unplugged, (2019, A+E), Convergence – Courage in a crisis (2021, Netflix), Uncharted waters with Peter Miller (2022, Discovery). In 2020, he founded his own film production company, Hyperplane Media, based in Miami.


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